Friday, May 21, 2010

You Will Find That Their Minds Rarely Move in a Line

Ladies and gentlemen, my warmest thanks for your grace and patience. Without further ado:
Periodic Tables is once again open for business.

For all of your Graham Kahler comics needs; ointments, ungents and salves for your eyes and for your soul, visit Periodic Tables today! The following comics are now up for sale:
Blunderbuss no. 1, featuring the stories: Avenues of Teeth, Dream From October, Songbirds, and Eyes in a Field.

The brand new Blunderbuss no. 2, with the stories: Rosalie Rhains, On the Air, Suitable Cases (part one), and the never before seen Hand Sown.

And Teeny Little Super Bean: an anthropological study of the elusive Teeny Little Super Bean, otherwise known as Rebecca.

If any of these periodicals strike your fancy, stop on by the shop and check them out.

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rebecca artemisa said...

let's have celebratory hamburgers!!!
pizza? a good food. yes, yah!