Saturday, May 1, 2010

Like a Sales Force Into the Night

Just two of the ten images currently up at Guapo Comics and Coffee for the month. The solo show was a huge success, and you can scope it out in its entirety over on my flickr. Thanks to everybody who came out; and to those of you who stopped by the table at Stumptown. I'm still a bit dizzy from not having a mountain of work to do, but expect more updates and comics for sale in the nearest of futures.

Special thanks to friends Tom Neely (sadly, not in picture), Julia Gfrörer, Sean Christensen (Awesome But True), and Franklin (official table baby of Stumptown Comics Fest '10). I would never have had such a delightful time, much less a table to sit at, without you guys.


思翰 said...

A good medicine tastes bitter.

rebecca artemisa said...

up there. you. you are a weirdo. go away.
hi graham i love you! you should update more.


Graham said...

Thank you sweetie, for fighting most of my battles. I will do better in the future times.

I love you too!!