Saturday, January 16, 2010

Your Kiss Would be a Revelation, So Put a Few Into Circulation

I realize that the majority of my meager readership (meager in quantity, most certainly not in quality) resides on the east coast; but those of you in the Los Angeles area should make time this evening for my lady's show at LeBasse Projects. I have had the rare privilege of seeing it beforehand, and I must say this is her strongest work yet. I am immeasurably proud of you, Rebecca.

All you need to attend is an extra pair of socks. They will be required after her work blows your first pair off your feet.


rebecca artemisa said...

i wish you were there/here

rebecca artemisa said...

i wish you would update all the time. i would make you more BLTs. every 110 words gets a strip of bacon. or smartbacon.

Graham said...

How dare you tempt me with that most delicious of food-stuffs! The outrage! The cheek!