Friday, April 17, 2009

Summertime Clothes

I was finally able to secure a new digital camera for myself. My old one (hereafter referred to as "The Brick plus Flashbulb") decided to defecate all over the bed, so to speak, and it was months before I could afford a new one. But I like my compact new Olympus, and more recent photos can be found at my flickr.

In other news, I will be attending the Stumptown Comics Fest this weekend, though unfortunately without copies of Suitable Cases, as I was unable to finish it in time. I will have copies of Blunderbuss for those of you who still do not possess such things. And the majestic Ed Brisson should have copies of all three volumes of You Ain't No Dancer, to which I am a modest but consistent contributor. For potential greeting reference, here is a picture of what I look like:

For a more accurate image with which to spot me, adjust your monitor until my skin tone takes on the hue of mint ice cream. Large crowds tend to make me nervous, and unless I A) stick around long enough to settle my humors, or B) show up wasted; I will probably seem a little green around the gills for a while.


thesimplicity said...

That's a BEARD!!!
This is how I always wanted to imagine you!

Graham said...

Imagining myself, SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO!

Also: I've been enjoying your posts immensely, sir. I apologize for not being more vocal about it. Nice information from friends is nice.